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A Hand Selected Inventory

A new update from CR Guitars owner Craig Snyder:
It's challenging for me to find instruments that are CR Guitars worthy. I'm so picky - ask anyone who knows me - that sometimes I find it very difficult to replenish the hand-selected inventory that my customers seek from CR Guitars. Eventually though, the search for guitars that fit our hand-selected standard pays off...

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Fender Diamond Collection available

Fender Diamond Collection Now Available

An alert from CR Guitars owner Craig Snyder:
"A very special collection of Fender guitars has been just put up for sale at the Music Gallery ( The Music Gallery is owned by my good friend Frank Glionna. I've known Frank for many years, even before I opened CR Guitars, and he is the guy I've always turned to when I need a guitar with an "F" on the headstock. He is also a Fender Diamond Dealer and gets the very best of the best. I don't usually tout other shops in news entries, but this Diamond Collection is so special that I felt it worthy of a special mention and a heads up for any interested parties..."

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Behind The Scenes at CR

Behind The Scenes At CR

At CR Guitars there is quite a lot of activity that happens behind the scenes, activity (guitars) that you, our Internet viewers, never get to see. That's not say that what's on our site isn't our best stuff; it is, but it doesn't represent everything. You see, part of our 'hand selected' ethic means serving many customers directly, and that means many guitars get ordered directly through us and never make it to our website...

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Yanuziello Milano Series

The Yanuziello Milano Series - Interview w/ Joe

Like every artist Joe Yanuziello is always looking for new territory to conquer, the next mountain to climb. Enter the first in a 10 piece Limited Edition Series called the Milano, what Joe considers his next level instrument. It's that great. So great we decided to interview Joe for a feature on his new Milano Series. Joe's insatiable curiosity has taken him off the beaten path to a line of unique guitars that harken back to the European electrics of the early '60s, particularly Italian makers, that over the years have become quite collectible in the vintage market. Read on to find out about the truly remarkable Milano Series...

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Tao Guitars

Tao Guitars; Engineering Prowess, Cultural Finesse

We have been fortunate to obtain a few Tao Guitars over the last few months and honestly, we're completely blown away. From their automotive-inspired body carving/shaping to their unique finishes to their impeccable build quality these are instruments that truly stand out. When you examine the myriad of small details that make these instruments what they are you get it; these are guitars built by consummate designers with an engineer's edge. Every aspect has been considered and deeply designed. Designed for tone, designed for ergonomics, designed for visual impact. Tao guitars are created by true artisans. You simply HAVE TO check them out.

Jostein Gulbrandsen

Friends of CR Guitars: Jostein Gulbrandsen

Jostein Gulbrandsen, who has done many product videos for CR Guitars and is a longtime friend of CR Guitars owner Craig Snyder is originally from Norway. Since 2001 he has been based in New York where he received his master's degree in jazz guitar from the Manhattan School of Music in 2003. Gulbrandsen has played at Kongsberg Jazz Festival, Blue Note, Birdland, BB. Kings, Cornelia Street Cafe, Smalls, Smoke, Blues Alley, The Kennedy Center and many other places. He has toured in Norway and Scotland and also held master classes at Agder College of Music and Hobart and William Smith Colleges...

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Brad Nickerson Custom FC3 Circa 2000


D’Ambrosio Allegro Archtop, 2012


Stephen Marchione MK1 LTD, 2018


Don Grosh NOS Retro, 2018


Victor Baker Model 18 Archtop, 2013


Carr Mercury 1x12 - Cream w/ Blue

Carr mercury creamblue-01

Mirko Borghino Miraggio 7


Mario Martin CR Custom S, 2018


Fender Custom Shop Telecaster


Daniel Slaman Jazz Pauletta


PRS Private Stock McCarty 594, 2017


Bourgeois OM Banjo Killer, 2017


Collings 290 Custom


Sadowsky LS-15


Sugita Kenji Carrera 00


Rick Toone Spearfish Prototype

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