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Sadowsky Archtop Guitars

Last of the Line

Sometimes great things do come to an end
Now and then things that we thought would always be around surprise us with their ephemeral nature. That is the case with the Sadowsky line of archtop guitars - to the disappointment of many aficionados, Roger Sadowsky recently announced that he'll no longer be building archtop guitars - it's the end of the line. And while the stunning archtops that Roger built over the years live on in all their glory, the days of new instruments being available are over - *** almost ***. We have two of the last brand new Sadowsky archtops available in our authorized Sadowsky dealer shop, a beautiful Jim Hall, and a stunning Semi Hollow.

Now, at CR Guitars we normally like to avoid injecting too much urgency into your guitar-buying decisions, but in this case we want you to be aware that when these two guitars are gone that's it - there won't be any others. So have a look; Sadowsky's archtops are worthy of consideration by the most discerning of artists. They are artful, beautiful, deeply toneful and unique:

View the Sadowsky Jim Hall
View the Sadowsky Semi Hollow

Fender Diamond Collection available

Fender Diamond Collection Now Available

An alert from CR Guitars owner Craig Snyder:
"A very special collection of Fender guitars is up for sale at the Music Gallery ( The Music Gallery is owned by my good friend Frank Glionna. I've known Frank for many years, even before I opened CR Guitars, and he is the guy I've always turned to when I need a guitar with an "F" on the headstock. He is also a Fender Diamond Dealer and gets the very best of the best. I don't usually tout other shops in news entries, but this Diamond Collection is so special that I felt it worthy of a special mention and a heads up for any interested parties..."

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Radack Guitars

Radack, Master of Design

"Every once in a while, I come across a guitar that is a complete thought, meaning it's on the money right out of the gate. It's not a replica of an existing design, not a guitar built as a builder's conceit or a craftsman's whim. Instead, it's an instrument drawn from a store of knowledge from the builder's skill and player feedback. Add into that mix an inspired design, a sense that there is a niche to fill, and the desire to serve it, and you have the ingredients for something special And then, you hope it all works. Straight to the point, Radack guitars work. Beautifully... - Craig

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Adam Levy

Friends of CR Guitars: Adam Levy

Adam Levy is widely respected as a "musician’s musician" — with many featured turns to his credit. His memorable solos on Norah Jones' album Come Away with Me are shining examples of his handiwork. His bluesy lines on Tracy Chapman's hit "Give Me One Reason" tell a juicy story, with not a single note wasted. He's a nuanced accompanist as well, as can be heard on Allen Toussaint's recording of "American Tune." He's also featured on recordings by Vulfpeck, Anaïs Mitchell (composer of Hadestown), Meshell Ndegeocello, Ani DiFranco, and Amos Lee...

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Scott Heatley Baritone

An Introduction To Scott Heatley

Heatley Guitars was founded in 1997 with a very humble loan and a tiny shop. From the beginning the idea was to build high quality guitars in small numbers and it remains that way to this day. The output is kept limited to ensure the quality stays high...

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Yanuziello Milano Series

The Yanuziello Milano Series - Interview w/ Joe

Like every artist Joe Yanuziello is always looking for new territory to conquer, the next mountain to climb. Enter the first in a 10 piece Limited Edition Series called the Milano, what Joe considers his next level instrument. It's that great. So great we decided to interview Joe for a feature on his new Milano Series. Joe's insatiable curiosity has taken him off the beaten path to a line of unique guitars that harken back to the European electrics of the early '60s, particularly Italian makers, that over the years have become quite collectible in the vintage market. Read on to find out about the truly remarkable Milano Series...

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Jostein Gulbrandsen

Friends of CR Guitars: Jostein Gulbrandsen

Jostein Gulbrandsen, who has done many product videos for CR Guitars and is a longtime friend of CR Guitars owner Craig Snyder is originally from Norway. Since 2001 he has been based in New York where he received his master's degree in jazz guitar from the Manhattan School of Music in 2003. Gulbrandsen has played at Kongsberg Jazz Festival, Blue Note, Birdland, BB. Kings, Cornelia Street Cafe, Smalls, Smoke, Blues Alley, The Kennedy Center and many other places. He has toured in Norway and Scotland and also held master classes at Agder College of Music and Hobart and William Smith Colleges...

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Recent Arrivals:

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Asher Electro Sonic A+ Koa Top, 2022


Ibanez JSM20TH John Scofield Signature, 2021


McKay ‘64 Cherry Block Mark 335


Galloup Borealis, 2005

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