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Thorn DeLuxe Brazilian Burst

Thorn DeLuxe Brazilian Burst

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The Thorn DeLuxe is an opportunity for you to savor all of Ron’s exquisite aesthetic sensibilities while experiencing all the mojo and playability any guitarist will find exhilarating to plug in and play. Just as Thorn’s esthetics stimulate your visual senses, the DeLuxe brings it full circle to fill your ears, your heart and your soul with joy.

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Recently, the Thorn DeLuxe model was introduced as a platform to showcase the quality and craftsmanship of Thorn's trade while focusing on classic tone and wood combinations. Featuring the same custom made hardware and pickups as the Artisans, along with many signature details such as hidden fret ends and offset purfling, the DeLuxe is designed for the player who covets a bespoke guitar that combines Thorn artistry with an irresistible quality that says "pick me up and play me."


Leo Fender had a vision of what an electric guitar could and should be. So did Les Paul. As did Paul Reed Smith. To that illustrious list, I would add Ron Thorn.

I’m so inspired by his instruments. He comes at the guitar with a singular point of view, and has the talent, skill and dedication to make it a reality. It has always been very important to me to find those kinds of dedicated people and make them part of my life, my music, and now, my business. One of the greatest pleasures I’ve experienced over my career has been to have the joy of playing guitars by builders I admire. Now, that pleasure is multiplied many times over by getting to know the builders themselves.

I hope that helps explain why I’m so thrilled to represent Ron Thorn and be the exclusive distributor for his new model, the Thorn DeLuxe.

Here’s what’s remarkable about this guitar. Ron stood back and asked: "What’s the best way to transmit my soul, my sensibilities, and my point of view into what an electric guitar can and should be."

There’s a classic anecdote in which an Indian wood carver is asked: “How do you carve such beautiful elephants?” He replied “I look at the piece of wood and take away every part that isn’t an elephant.” Ron operates in a sort of reverse sense. What’s the best thing I can add to make a fantastic instrument? Not for the sake of being different. For the goal of being better. Mies Van Der Rohe famously said: “God is in the details”. And I know no other builder that has taken that dictum to heart as thoroughly as Ron Thorn.

His lutherie skills are not just beyond reproach; they’re legendary. He’s the sole person given the privilege of making inlays for the Fender Custom shop. He comes from a family of fine carpenters, and has an amazing collection of fine woods. He’s also an engineer of the highest skill. He’s among that rarified group of builders that makes everything on the instrument to satisfy his own exceedingly high standards.

Every detail counts. Every one.

He winds his own pickups. For over seven years, his fretboards have featured hidden fret ends. His binding is scraped – not routed. Look closely, and you’ll note that his guitars have purfline – an exceedingly fine outline of inlaid wood normally found on archtops or violins. It’s maddeningly difficult and time consuming. Not finding a tremolo to suit his needs, he makes his own – and it is the best tremolo I have ever used. Period. That’s Ron in a nutshell, and a demonstration of what his expectations of a guitar should be. You’ll be blown away.

The DeLuxe is an extraordinary instrument. You’ll note some influences here and there. But the totality is completely unique. It has an incredibly vocal like quality to the transients of the sound. A mid-range clarity and focus that is irrestistable. Please understand, though that this mid-range beauty isn’t at the expense of a rich low end, nor by losing top end clarity. Nothing  good is lost. There’s simply no flubbiness in the lows, nor any unpleasing piercing qualities at the high end. It sings. (For lack of a better way to describe the sonority, think of Larry Carlton’s “Kid Charlemagne” sound) – It’s like someone singing a solo, right?

The Thorn DeLuxe is an opportunity for you to savor all of Ron’s exquisite aesthetic sensibilities while experiencing all the mojo and playability any guitarist will find exhilarating to plug in and play. Just as Thorn’s esthetics stimulate your visual senses, the DeLuxe brings it full circle to fill your ears, your heart and your soul with joy.

This Light Brazilian Burst model has a semi-hollow mahogany body and neck, and a Brazilian fretboard. The quilted maple top is truly stunning. The neck profile is Ron’s '59 Fatback. Immensely playable. The neck joint is so superb, playing up the neck is never interrupted.

This particular guitar really has that deep Robben Ford/ Larry Carlton tone. Very 335-ish. A truly dynamic player that really is the perfect platform for a player's personality to resonate through.

Stupendous sound. Marvelous “it almost plays itself” playability. Craftsmanship of the highest order. It’s simply a great guitar.

If you'd like to find out more about this item, just call or e-mail me. It would be my pleasure to talk to you about it.

Raised in a family of carpenters, Ron Thorn had access to a home wood shop for as long as he can remember. Repairing, modifying and building guitars since age 13, his specialty became precision inlay work and by the mid '90s he became the sole inlay artist for the Fender Custom Shop, a position he is still proud to retain today. In 2000 Ron began putting the Thorn name on the headstocks of some of the many guitars he was building and today, with his father and the rest of “team Thorn” - John Gaudesi, Nick Viglienzoni, Tony Ramirez, Glenn Matejzel and Martin Bravo, Thorn’s Glendale, CA operation builds approximately 50 custom guitars a year. Those who know, know Ron as one of the most brilliantly talented luthiers and inlay artists of the 21st century. It is a reputation that has earned him a following that is best described as "near fanatical."

Serial #30401
Bodymahogany - semi hollow
Carve topquilted maple
FretboardBrazilian rosewood
Neck carve'59 fatback .890/.990
PickupsPasadena, '80N-neck, '86-bridge
Finishlight Brazilian burst - nitro lacquer
BridgeThorn hard tail
CaseThorn custom hardshell
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