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Stephen Marchione Vintage Tremolo

Stephen Marchione Vintage Tremolo

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Marchione's Vintage S Style guitars are his interpretations of a familiar design platform. They are handmade with the same love and attention that Stephen gives his superb archtops. They are guitars that you want to covet and lust over.

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To paraphrase a master car designer: "Any toaster can make toast but it takes a very special toaster to make toast that you covet." Marchione's Vintage S Style guitars are his interpretations of a familiar design platform. They are handmade with the same love and attention that Stephen gives his superb archtops. They are guitars that you want to covet and lust over. From the finest personal wood selection, body contouring, and neck shape - to the outrageously beautiful finishes and final detailing - they are the masterbuilder's masterbuilt guitars.


This and the Stephen Marchione VT Amber Burst, also in our shop, are essentially brother and sister guitars. They are made from the same exact wood stock and are identical in most respects aside from the finish - here a honey tone and on the other VT an amber burst. The write up is the same due to the brother-sister nature of the instruments, but they ARE different guitars, both for sale and both spectacular in every way.

I opened this very cool case to reveal what is one of the finest examples of an S-style guitar available today. This beauty has a warm honey toned nitro finish accented with chrome hardware. It just begged to be played! The guitar is perfectly balanced and contoured with a very comfortable ergonomic feel. One of the extra benefits of working with Stephen is that since the guitar is totally handmade I am able to be very particular about how I want the neck to feel. He really nailed it for me here. It's a wonderfully contoured medium C that is so elegantly shaped I can't put it down. Because of the cured gloss nitro finish on the figured maple neck the feel is very warm and elegant, just like a fine archtop guitar. The ebony fingerboard is lovely to look at and it's topped with very fine precision fretwork . The stainless steel frets are so highly polished that bending strings is effortless. Plugged into my Blackface Princeton Reverb the guitar gives up all the sounds you expect from this design and pickup layout, but now elevated to another level. The tones have a zing and aliveness to them that you want from swamp ash with a wonderful midrange robustness. The low E string has a growl and never sounds squished or flubby. The tonal spectrum is complete from top to bottom, with a wonderful bloom and just the right amount of compression.

Bottom line: I think the real magic here is in how a single builder can conceive all the details and then execute them as a complete thought into one beautiful handmade guitar. It's all here, this Marchione needs to be experienced.

If you'd like to find out more about this item, just call or e-mail me. It would be my pleasure to talk to you about it.

At one time in his life, Stephen Marchione spent six hours a day playing the guitar. Now he makes them—in fact, since beginning his career as a guitar maker in 1989, Stephen has created more than three-hundred guitars for some of the best guitar players in the world. The journey from high-school jazz devotee to “the finest young guitar maker working today,” according to Chamber Music America, was a rich and complicated one. After establishing his own brand and working for several years in New York, Stephen Marchione moved to Houston, Texas, where he builds his entire family of guitars, but Marchione has also studied privately since 1994 with Manhattan-based violin maker Guy Rabut. "I try to build one violin a year to keep my chops up" Says Marchione. He feels that building classical guitars and violins broadens his understanding of top thicknessing, tap tuning, and surface preparation. On the other hand, building electric guitars has taught him the importance of the fretboard in a player's appreciation of a guitar. Marchione is considered one of a very few leading-edge pioneers in the design of guitars that combine elements of both jazz and classical construction. This well-rounded approach contributes to the magic one finds in a Marchione instrument, a magic that is at once very broad yet truly individual.

Bodyone piece light weight ash
Neckflamed sugar maple finished in honey toned nitro
Finishhoney toned nitrocellulose
Nut width 1 11/16"
BridgeWilkinson trem (new model)
Pickups2 Dimarzio silent single coil, Marchione PAF humbucker
TunersSperzel locking
Electronicsvolume, tone and 5 way switch with military grade wiring
Weight7.15 lbs
Case Marchione custom designed Armitage hard shell
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