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Sadowsky NYC Vintage S Style

Sadowsky NYC Vintage S Style

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We asked Roger Sadowsky for a one-piece ash body that is beautifully figured so it could hold up to a transparent blonde finish--he delivered. Resonant. Soulful. Alive. And it only weighs 6.7 pounds! The whole guitar is a killer. It’ll cover everything, thanks to the midrange boost. Obviously, there are glorious, classic Strat sounds. But it you need a fat, P-90, humbucking kind of sound, you just flip the midrange boost on and bang, you're there.

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The wood, the wood, the wood.  The heart of a guitar. And let me tell you, this has the wood.

I’ve been waiting for a long time for this guitar. As you may already know, Roger Sadowsky and I go way back. And he has one of the greatest wood supplies of any builder out there. Just a fabulous collection of mastergrade level tone woods.

I asked him for this: A one-piece ash body, that was beautifully figured, so it could hold up to a transparent blonde finish. Note: I specified one piece. And I didn’t want it chambered. Because my other stipulation was that it had to be light.

I said, when you find that piece of wood, that’s what I want for a guitar.

He found a piece. And the result is amazing. Resonant. Soulful. Alive.

A fabulous S-Style that only weighs 6.7 pounds. Finding a Strat that light is almost unheard of these days. And that’s with a tremolo. You may find a hardtail in that weight range. But a tremolo? This is simply unbelievable.

Roger went all out on the neck wood, too. It’s a maple neck with a beautiful figure. And a bird’s eye maple master grade fret board. About as nice a bird’s eye as I’ve ever seen. It’s just gorgeous. And Roger’s neck shape (a C-shape) is his own, and feels just like it was made for your hand.

I had him assemble it with his silent single coils, and his midrange boost circuit. It’s amazing.

Roger’s fretwork is legendary. He’s had as much experience (if no more) with top professional players than anyone in the business. He’s using a familiar design platform, but he’s made it his own.

He knows what makes a player happy - everything from the rolled edges of the fretboard, to the truss rod adjustment, to his bolt on system - which is incredibly solid.

And he puts it all together in a completely flawless way.

The whole guitar is a killer. It is a guitar I’d keep. If I had a gig to go to, and I didn’t know what the gig was, or what what I’d be in store for, I’d grab this guitar without giving it a second thought.

It’ll cover everything, thanks to the midrange boost. Obviously, there are glorious, classic Strat sounds. But it I needed a fat, P-90, humbucking kind of sound, I’d just flip this midrange boost on and bang, I’m there.

6.7 pounds. I just love it!

It’s a fantastic guitar. And a beautiful color, too. 6.7 pounds of greatness. Full stop. End of story.

If you'd like to find out more about this item, just call or e-mail me. It would be my pleasure to talk to you about it.

Mention the name Roger Sadowsky to your average guitar player, and you'll likely elicit a "Roger Who?" But that name is spoken in almost reverent tones amongst working musicians. Sadowsky has built this reputation by giving the modern guitarist and bassist what he needs--a no-nonsense, versatile, and reliable electric guitar that performs great and sounds better. Of course, these are claims made by every guitar company in existence; but Sadowsky Guitars is one of the very few companies that can actually back it up. Sadowsky Guitars is based in Long Island City, in Queens New York where founder Roger Sadowsky built the business from the ground up in 1979, after 7 years of guitar luthier training. Today, the Sadowsky company has around 10 employees and caters to guitarists such as; Walter Becker, Jim Hall, Chuck Loeb, Russell Malone, Jimmy Bruno, and Lee Ritenour.

Serial #6241
Bodyfull size 1 pc ultralight ash
Finishtransparent olympic white
Fingerboardmaster grade birdseye maple
Fingerboard radius9"
Nut width1-11/16"
Fretwire.094" x .051"  maximum hardness nickel silver
BridgeGotoh 510T with steel block
PickupsSadowsky humcancelling s-style
Pickguardparchment, 3-ply
Nuttusq xl
TunersSperzel Trimloks--custom post height
Controlsmaster volume-mid-boost-tone, Sadowsky preamp with mid and gain boost
CaseSadowsky hardshell case
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