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Sadowsky Broadway, Redwood Burl

Sadowsky Broadway, Redwood Burl

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hardshell case included

This guitar really speaks - it says all the things that are most important to a player - from blistering soulful tones to addictive playability. You'll love the Gibson scale length and dual humbucker design. Everything here is familiar but at the same time unique enough to add some inspiration to your playing. Roger has been R&Ding this guitar for several years and it all comes together from every angle you look at it.

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Introducing the Sadowsky Broadway Line

"For the last two years, we have been conceptualizing, designing and prototyping our newest guitar models. Given my lifelong thesis that "The Wood Is My Foundation," Lisa Hahn, my shop manager, and I have designed two related models that embody my 44 years experience with guitar making and the relationship of wood and tone." — Roger Sadowsky

The new LS-13 Spruce Core and the SS-13 Spruce Core consist of a chambered spruce body with matching hardwood tops and back. Matched tops and backs consist of successive slices from the same billet, not just the same kind of wood. These guitars are also available with solid bodies.

The LS-13 is a long scale model (25.5") which features a traditional H-S-H pickup configuration. The SS-13 is a short scale model (24.75") and features an H-H pickup configuration. When available, the SS-13 features the finest vintage style humbuckers custom made for Sadowsky by the amazing Ron Ellis.

In addition, each model is available with a choice of two control layouts:
Control Layout 1 puts the volume control in easy reach, ideal for pinky rolls.
Control Layout 2 puts the pickup selector switch in the most accessible position with the controls laid out behind the switch.

Either model is available with a choice of tremolo or hard tail bridge. A variety of neck woods, including solid morado, mahogany and maples (plain and roasted) are available as well as our amazing selection of fingerboards and top and back woods.

Sadowsky is thrilled to offer this incredible new guitar to the Sadowsky family!


The moment I opened the Sadowsky Broadway’s cool case the guitar nerd in me knew that I was about to dig into something truly special. I knew that it came from Roger Sadowsky who really doesn’t need any introduction. I mean, come on now, this man's client list of "who's who" is the envy of any luthier on the planet.

But there's a lot more to it than that: Roger and I go back, I mean way back to the mid '70s. I first met Roger when he was building acoustics at LoPrinzi guitars outside of Philly. My father owned a music store and at my urging wanted to carry some handmade acoustics. We took a tour of LoPrinzi’s shop  (btw… Roger doesn’t remember this) and if memory serves ordered a few guitars for the store. My strongest recollection of that day was how Roger was totally devoted and immersed into building guitars. Truthfully, I had never met someone who walked the talk like that.

Cut to a few years later. I had moved to NY and needed a real acoustic rather than my trusty Ovation, so I called my friend Gerson Rosenbloom who owned Medley Music in PA to hook me up with a Martin. I went to his store to pick one out and out from the back comes Roger, who had since moved on from Lo Prinzi to become head repairman at Medley. Roger offered to help me find the perfect Martin, which we did.

That process of going through dozens of guitars was what brought us close together. I had finally found a builder who understood what makes a guitar great, what creates a player's bond with an instrument. It was about the wood and the geometry and about a strong point of view in what you are building. It was about the details. The last 10% of wonderfulness the right person can add to take a build just over the edge to where the player can’t just help to want to pick it up and play it. Roger knew that over 40 years ago so his great success has been no great surprise to me.

And so here I am, face to face with his latest and maybe most realized electric guitar build. Despite our years of friendship, and his continued and unceasing dedication to his craftsmanship, I wasn’t really prepared for how stunning and how beautiful a riff on an S style could be. The woods, the finish, the design - all oozed the very highest level of craft and inspiration. Roger's Broadway brings to mind another incredible spruce bodied guitar, my Taku Sakashta Spotlight. Both guitars are a unique variation on an S style electric where the quality and resonance of the wood rules.

This guitar really speaks to me - it says all the things that are most important to me as a player - from blistering soulful tones to addictive playability. I love the Gibson scale length and dual humbucker design; it certainly opens up new doors to me, a dedicated Strat player. Everything here is familiar but at the same time unique enough to add some inspiration to my playing. Nothing here is left to chance. Roger has been R&Ding this guitar for several years and it all comes together from every angle you look at it. It is beautiful and it works and it's great and you'll be thrilled to play it.

If you'd like to find out more about this item, just call or e-mail me. It would be my pleasure to talk to you about it.

Mention the name Roger Sadowsky to your average guitar player, and you'll likely elicit a "Roger Who?" But that name is spoken in almost reverent tones amongst working musicians. Sadowsky has built this reputation by giving the modern guitarist and bassist what he needs--a no-nonsense, versatile, and reliable electric guitar that performs great and sounds better. Of course, these are claims made by every guitar company in existence; but Sadowsky Guitars is one of the very few companies that can actually back it up. Sadowsky Guitars is based in Long Island City, in Queens New York where founder Roger Sadowsky built the business from the ground up in 1979, after 7 years of guitar luthier training. Today, the Sadowsky company has around 10 employees and caters to guitarists such as; Walter Becker, Jim Hall, Chuck Loeb, Russell Malone, Jimmy Bruno, and Lee Ritenour.

Serial #7651
Bodyspruce core with redwood burl top and back
Neckroasted flame maple
Fingerboardmaster grade ebony
Nut width1 11/16"
PickupsSadowsky custom humbuckers (splittable)
ElectronicsSadowsky preamp with mid and mid/gain boost
Scale24 3/4"
Weight6.4 lbs
CaseSadowsky custom hard
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