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Lowden S50 Jazz - Custom Shop

Lowden S50 Jazz - Custom Shop

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Lowden custom Hiscox case incl.

New in the shop, straight from the Winter NAMM show, we’re delighted to introduce you to an absolutely gorgeous custom shop Lowden S-50 Jazz. This particular instrument is the pinnacle of the Lowden crossover.

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George Lowden designed the Jazz series with nylon strings and an internal pick up fitted as standard so that it would feel very comfortable for classical and steel string players alike. The neck has enough width to facilitate the nylon strings but at the same time the cambered fingerboard allows for a wide variety of playing styles. The guitars is voiced for a really great acoustic response, and at the same time stiff enough for loud volume to be possible without the whole guitar over-reacting when played loud through a sound system. The tone is very natural and full with none of the over bright tones sometimes found on too lightly built classicals. Lowden re-designed these models in 2003 to improve the acoustic voice. The Jazz is also fitted with a Fishmann Matrix Infinity pickup as standard.


New in the shop, straight from the Winter NAMM show, I’m delighted to introduce you to an absolutely gorgeous custom shop Lowden S-50 Jazz.

I first fell in love with Lowden guitars over 20 years ago because, to me, they made the best nylon string crossover guitar on the market.

The Lowden S-50 Jazz is basically a nylon-string guitar that is made to appeal to steel-string players and classical players alike; who want to play jazz or a samba, or bossa nova. I could imagine Earl Klugh, John Mclaughlin or Pat Metheny really appreciating this wonderful instrument.

What makes this a truly fantastic crossover is that it was designed to be one from the beginning. That means it’s optimized to be a cross over. It’s not a concert classical guitar that’s been adapted to a steel string player, by laying on a different neck and adding a cutaway. It’s a pure, pure crossover guitar. The neck will feel immediately at home for a steel string player. The nut width is 1 7/8" - much more familiar than a concert classical style.

Another familiar cue is that the neck joins the body at the 14th fret, rather than the traditional 12th fret arrangement, so it’s just that much easier to get to the high notes. When you join the body at the 14th fret, the guitar becomes a little less boomy, a little more focussed and a lot punchier than a concert classical.

The S-50 responds beautifully to a pick; in fact, the notes actually bloom. I’ve noticed that even with expensive concert guitars, the sound gets thinner when picked. That isn’t the case at all here. This is, as I noted above, designed from inception to appeal to steel string players and jazz lovers. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t sound wonderful played finger style. It does. But with a pick it has an added dimension and sounds just gorgeous.

It comes with a Fishman Matrix pickup, should you want to plug it in. But what makes this super special, is that it was Lowden’s Winter NAMM show guitar this year - so you know they went all out to make it just that much nicer than a standard Lowden crossover.

It’s an S-50, which means it is lovingly made in Lowden’s Custom Shop. With all the personal attention to every detail a custom shop version receives.

It’s all master grade woods - African blackwood back and sides, and a master grade alpine spruce top. It’s just an incredibly beautiful top.

It has Tasmanian blackwood binding. In fact, all the kinds of options you can only get if it is custom made. It’s just stunning, gorgeous, and the playability is just out of sight.  I’m convinced this is the equal of any crossover guitar out there, no matter the builder. You just know you’re playing a hand built, absolutely wonderful guitar. It has an amazing ability to be both intimate and grand simultaneously. You can just feel the refinement pouring out of every note.

This, to me, is a perfectly focussed instrument. It’s not adapted from another model. It’s what it is at its very core - the pinnacle of the Lowden crossover. It is just a lovely guitar, and an absolute wonder to play.

If you'd like to find out more about this item, just call or e-mail me. It would be my pleasure to talk to you about it.

Lowden guitars occupy a unique place in the pantheon of high-end flattops. With a loud and overtone-rich signature voice, unique construction details (including a split saddle and A-frame bracing of the upper bout), and a general vibe that differs from most classic American steel-strings, the guitars have found fans in such heavyweights as Pierre Bensusan, Paul Brady, Alex de Grassi, Richard Thompson, and many others. Lowden production began in 1974, and after several changes in management and manufacturing facilities, the guitars are now built in a small Northern Ireland shop under the direct supervision of company founder George Lowden.

Back and Sidesmaster grade African blackwood
Soundboardmaster grade alpine spruce
Nut width1 7/8"
Neck profileGI standard
Scale Length630mm
BindingTasmanian blackwood
TunersSchaller-Hauser pattern
PickupFishman Matrix Infinity
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