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Lentz S Style JR Reserve - Spitfire

Lentz S Style JR Reserve - Spitfire

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Scott Lentz's '56 profile neck is as good as it gets. It is just inspired! And the Dakota Red finish on this guitar is superb; perfection personified. D/R is a difficult color to get just right. It needs to be striking yet exude a certain warmth. Once again, Scott rose to the challenge and just nailed it. Right on!

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Scott Lentz never ceases to amaze and impress my guitar sensibilities. Each guitar I receive comes loaded with its own unique personality. Most are sold before they ever appear on this site. This particular example has been in the works for quite a long time and I feel quite fortunate to be able to share it with you.

This is a traditional S style guitar in the deepest possible sense. A holy grail Strat that feels as if someone went to the original Fender factory during its early glory days when the stars were in perfect alignment and the wheel of Karma was pointing straight at a great guitar.

But beyond the warmth and mojo of a fabulous vintage instrument, this Lentz has absolute perfect playability and class A electronics. Its sonority is balanced across the entire neck. Each note has incredible clarity, definition and vibrant acoustic tone. The superbly flamed maple neck is a classic '56 soft V shape with a wonderful cabinet aged upgraded beautifully grained Brazilian rosewood board. I have played hundreds, if not thousands of Strats over the course of my career, and Scott's '56 profile neck is as good as I've ever felt. It is just inspired!

The Dakota Red finish on this guitar is superb; perfection personified. D/R is a difficult color to get just right. It needs to be striking yet exude a certain warmth. Once again, Scott rose to the challenge and just nailed it. Right on!

If you've never seen a Lentz, you should know that the photographs here cannot quite capture the depth, richness, and honesty of its color.

To bring it all to life, Scott winds his pickups specifically for each guitar. They're a match made in guitar heaven. So is the round lam fretboard, and the frets, the feel, the controls, the capacitors - everything is done for a purpose. And you're the beneficiary.

I just can't say enough about this guitar. It has all the perfection of a master luthier's work, and--I canâ't think of a better way to say it--the soul of a perfect vintage S guitar. You won't find a better one anywhere.

If you'd like to find out more about this item, just call or e-mail me. It would be my pleasure to talk to you about it.

Scott Lentz has an enduing reputation as a legendary guitar maker and restorer of vintage guitars. In fact, before he opened Lentz guitar in Southern California, he had restored hundreds of vintage instruments and had become widely known as "the" guy for vintage finish restorations. Lentz guitars are known for being deeply resonant, uncannily vintage in feel, and for having an expanded tonal pallet. Scott believes that the tone of great vintage guitars is due to the accretion of thousands of tiny details from (of course) the finest tone woods to the interaction of fretboard and neck materials. He is also one of the few electric guitar makers that takes the trouble to use hide glue in his guitars. He counts his vast experience with vintage guitars as the key to developing his ear for guitar tone, and for teaching him what a great guitar is all about. Scott is a restless spirit, ever in search of perfection, never content to rest on his laurels. He is the quintessential guitar maker as artist, passionate about bringing artful and musical guitars into the world. His son Scott, Jr. has now worked with his father for 20 years, and together they are the force behind some of the most finely crafted guitars you will find anywhere in the world.

CR Guitars is incredibly fortunate to have Scott Lentz and his son Scott Jr craft a very select reserve line of classic S and T style guitars. Each one is built using only woods that have been cabinet aged a minimum of 25 years or more. These guitars are built with the deepest knowledge of what these legendary models could and should be. Decades of experience have gone into discovering and executing the elements that give the best of the vintage Fenders their magic. Scott's obsession with every detail has helped him unraveled all the nuances to the magic imbued in vintage Fenders. A Lentz is truly what a Masterbuilt guitar should be. Everything is just is as you'd dreamed it would be. No detail is overlooked, from the chemistry of the lacquer to the handwound pickups, every part and procedure is done for a reason. It's really exciting to be able to share Scott's vision and creations with you.

Bodybeautiful light weight cabinet-aged ash
Colordakota red
Neckcap neck, soft V profile, uber cabinet aged flame maple
Neck width.880 at the first fret, 1.655 width at the nut
Fingerboardcabinet aged Brazilian rosewood
Fingerboard radius9.5"
Inlayspearl fingerboard dots and pearl sight dots
HardwareGotoh tuners and strap button, Callaham neck plate and pickguard shield
Pickguardlacquered nitrate
BridgeCallaham Strat assembly with saddles
PickupsCustom Edition wound Lentz low output
Pickup specsfront alnico 5 5.59k, middle alnico 5 5.61k, back alnico 2 10.00k, 43 gauge wire, rwrp in middle position
Electronicsprecision wired electronics with potentiometer matching and paper + oil capacitors
Weight7 lbs.
CaseG&G high quality case
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