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Jason Kostal OMC Brazilian, Preowned

Jason Kostal OMC Brazilian, Preowned

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preowned, exceptionally fine condition

A stunning Kostal Brazilian rosewood OMC that was originally sold new at CR Guitars in 2014 has just arrived. The condition is like new with the addition of strap buttons and K&K pickup that were installed by Mr. Kostal himself. This beautiful OMC has been set up and polished by Jason before arriving at the shop for sale. Amazing instrument!

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A stunning Kostal Brazilian rosewood OMC that I originally sold new in 2014 has just arrived. Below is the original writeup for this particular guitar. The condition is like new with the addition of strap buttons and K&K pickup that were installed by Mr. Kostal himself. This beautiful OMC has been set up and polished by Jason before arriving at the shop for sale. Amazing instrument!

In my opinion, Jason Kostal is one of the finest builders of acoustic guitars in this golden age of lutherie. Jason was a premier apprentice in the legendary Ervin Somogyi's shop before deciding to venture out on his own. To me, what sets Jason's guitars apart is the fact he has been a player and collector for years. Those two experiences molded his opinions of what a guitar is and what it could become. Every "brush stroke" on his guitars is there for a very well thought out reason.

This particular OM is an absolutely stunning example of Jason's commitment to excellence and is an instrument that certainly would satisfy the yearning of both a player and a collector. From the richly figured old growth Brazilian rosewood back and sides to the lightly amber toned German spruce top all the woods were chosen from Jason's best of the best tone wood stash. Everything has meaning here. The wedge body design makes this guitar an ergonomic pleasure to play for hours on end. The neck profile is extremely comfortable, fits my hand like a glove. The sound is glorious! Big and robust when challenged with a pick or soft, warm and woody when played with your fingers. The dynamic range of this beauty is extremely impressive. And what a pleasure I get from just staring at it. The workmanship is superb, the very highest level, from the rosette to the curvature of the bridge, to the way the headstock line matches the curve of the cutaway, every detail is what it is supposed to be. This guitar isn't a collection of random artistic endeavors, it is simply a complete thought. A complete thought from the mind and hands of one of the most sought after builders today, Jason Kostal.

If you'd like to find out more about this item, just call or e-mail me. It would be my pleasure to talk to you about it.

Jason Kostal's guitars are definitely different than most of the ones that you see out there every day in a lot of ways. One of the things that sets him apart from many of his peers is the fact that he has been a player and a collector for years and these two experiences greatly mold his opinions and expectations of what a guitar is and what it can become. Every single thing that Jason does is a result of very sincere and concerted thought about each individual aspect of the guitar and what it does or what it should do. Jason received his first guitar for his 5th birthday and was hooked from then on. Initially a Roberto-Venn School of lutherie graduate, then Roberto-Venn instructor with his own shop, then an advanced apprentice to Ervin Somogyi in San Fransisco, Jason's trajectory of discovery led him to the very depths of guitars making, allowing him to approach guitar building in a manner far different from what most other luthiers bring to the craft. Jason believes in elegance through simplicity, where every aspect of an instrument has been thought through and crafted to the most minute detail. Every guitar Jason builds is a one of a kind journey that he embarks on with each individual customer, a journey to the heart of instrumental elegance through simplicity.

TopGerman spruce
Back and sidesold growth Brazilian rosewood
Rosettestained glass
Neckone piece mahogany
Body shapeTapered Manzer style wedge
Top bracesSitka spruce
Back bracesmahogany
Headcap veneersBrazilian rosewood front / ebony rear
Fingerboardebony w/ ebony binding
Fingerboard radius20"
Body joint14th fret
Scale length25"
Nutcompensated bone, 1 3/4"
String spacing at saddle2 1/4"
Finishnitrocellulose lacquer
StringsJohn Pearse
Side position markersMOP dots
Bridgesculpted Brazilian rosewood
Saddlecompensated bone
TunersGotoh 510 chrome/ebony
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