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James Tyler Special Edition SE Signature

James Tyler Special Edition SE Signature

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6.3 lbs!

6.3 lb. of quartersawn maple neck glory, this Signature is a Tyler through and through. There’s S style, some T style and a whole lot of Jim Tyler style. It’s a treat, a delight, and the pinnacle of what Jim Tyler is all about as a master builder and guitar genius. The real deal. Right here.

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Patience is a virtue. Good things come to those who wait. You’ve heard those sayings before. They’re true.

This fantastic Tyler is the proof behind those adages. And you’re the lucky ones who get to savor the fruits of that waiting.

Why? - I have been waiting for Jim to finally finish his signature guitar model for several years.

True. He’s been working on a signature Tyler for a very long time. And Jim Tyler being Jim Tyler, he’s such a perfectionist that he wouldn't release this model until he was completely satisfied with all aspects of it. And I mean everything. Yes, every Tyler guitar has his name on it. But a signature model? That had to be something really special.

And this guitar is exactly that. It’s in the shop. In all its glory.

What does that mean? 6.3 lb. of quartersawn maple neck glory. Yes, that’s right. I said 6.3 lb.! This is the one of the lightest ash solid body guitars that has graced the shop, and I have been fortunate to have some light ones in recently.

It’s not just light for lights sake, however. It is just ridiculously resonant - to the point where you feel the wood vibrating against your body as you play, and every note has that sweet dry woody pop and sustain you only get with a great ash bolt on.

This Signature is a Tyler through and through. There’s S style, some T style and a whole lot of Jim Tyler style.

One thing that might surprise you (given Jim’s reputation as an S-style master) is the inclusion of a T-style bridge pickup and pickup plate. I  think it’s a brilliant idea. Here’s why: I love the sound of single coil pickups, and what gives a Tele its distinct sound (the one everyone loves) is the bridge pickup. Compared to an S-style single coil in the bridge position, you get more bite and midrange without any of the thin brightness. It just reacts differently. I think it’s because the pickup is set right into the body, rather than mounted on a pickguard. Need a reference point? Think of Lowell George’s slide sound.  He had a Fender Strat with a Tele pickup in the bridge position. That slide sound was simply fantastic.

This guitar’s sound is simply fantastic, too. Slide or not.

Jim chose a straight forward electronic set up to let the sound of his custom wound JT5500 pickups shine through. He’s given it a custom aged see-thru white finish, added a custom shaped faux tortoise pickguard to enhance its beauty.

Even the unique Tyler Signature logo on the headstock adds to the individuality of this model.

This guitar is a killer. Plugged in, those wonderfully resonant acoustic qualities are always there. At any and every volume. It’s just Tyler Tyler Tyler.

What can I say , other than I love Jim Tyler and his guitars and I really love this model. It’s a treat, a delight, and the pinnacle of what Jim Tyler is all about as a master builder and guitar genius. The real deal. Right here.

If you'd like to find out more about this item, just call or e-mail me. It would be my pleasure to talk to you about it.

James Tyler has had a guitar in his hand almost every day since he first picked one up the summer after seventh grade, in 1964. In college, Jim studied Architecture, Design, Music, Photography and for a couple years, Theology. He paid his way through these years of collage doing guitar repair work at local guitar stores, and as a factory trained auto mechanic for Alfa Romeo, Lancia, BMW and Fiat. Later into the 1970’s, he got connected with the guys at Norman’s Rare Guitars in the San Fernando Valley, and became their main repair and restoration guy. Jim’s abilities continued to expand and soon he had enough experience and reputation that he opened his first repair shop in Reseda, CA in 1980. Since then its been a whirlwind of successes, including being chosen to be displayed among the great California guitar companies such as Fender, Rickenbacker, Mosrite and Charvel in the Museum of California's exhibit The Ultimate Guitar Show and building for artists such as Michael Landau, David Williams, Steve Lukather, Michael Anthony, and Dan Huff. James' design shapes and various ground breaking guitar finishes and most recently his line of pickups have virtually transformed the guitar building industry.

Bodysolid ash
Neck/fingerboardquartersawn maple
Neck profilestandard '59 shape
Frets.110" x .055"
Radiuscompound 9.5 -12"
Nut width1 5/8"
Finishsee-thru white finish
Pickguardtortoise shell (celluloid)
TunersHipshot locking
BridgeGlendale 3 saddle
PickupsSSH--JTS5200, JTS5200, JTT5500++
Electronics5 way switch, volume, tone
Weight6.3 lbs.
SERIAL #14234
CaseJames Tyler custom hard shell
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