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James Tyler Classic Olympic White With Bacon

James Tyler Classic Olympic White With Bacon

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This is Tyler’s Classic model, in a different set of clothes. It exudes confidence and attitude; confidence on the part of the builder through approaching the relicing in his own unique way and attitude on the part of both the builder and the player because the guitar simply says: "I mean business, I am not messing around, ladies and gentlemen, I am the real thing."

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This is Tyler’s Classic model, in a different set of clothes. It exudes confidence and attitude. Confidence on the part of the builder. And, I think, a certain amount of attitude on the part of the builder and the player.

Here’s what I mean about confidence. Jim Tyler has the complete confidence of approaching relicing in his own unique way. Rather than ‘wreck’ a finish, and beat up a guitar with phony dings and scrapes, Jim approaches it like an artist (which he is). It’s like Picasso’s take on a reliced guitar. It’s not glossy. Nor is it artificially totally flat. It’s a (for lack of a better descriptor) semi-gloss. Smooth, clean and new, but as far away from overly shiny as you can get. The aged Olympic White has some built in fadedness (I know that’s not a real word, but I hope you understand what I’m trying to get at). The same approach goes for the ‘bare wood’ sections (the “With Bacon” part). It’s not bare wood. There’s a delicately applied finish that you can barely see, yet you’ll feel, and know, this is a brand new guitar. The only parts that are ‘aged’ are the pickguard, pickup covers and hardware. It all works together beautifully.

Here’s what I mean about attitude: In addition to the “exploding” version of the Tyler logo, this guitar simply says: "I mean business. I am not messing around, ladies and gentlemen, I am the real thing."

The neck is Jim’s fantastic standard ’59 shape, with those heavenly Tyler rolled edges and 6105 frets that’ll let you bend to your heart’s content. In other words, while the guitar has a vintage-y look, everything is completely modern in every respect.

The pickups are Jim’s original JTS 5500s in the neck and middle, and there’s a Hot Retro (also by Jim) in the bridge position.

It’s way cool and totally original. (Don’t we all wish we were that way?)

A fab guitar by any measure.

If you'd like to find out more about this item, just call or e-mail me. It would be my pleasure to talk to you about it.

James Tyler has had a guitar in his hand almost every day since he first picked one up the summer after seventh grade, in 1964. In college, Jim studied Architecture, Design, Music, Photography and for a couple years, Theology. He paid his way through these years of collage doing guitar repair work at local guitar stores, and as a factory trained auto mechanic for Alfa Romeo, Lancia, BMW and Fiat. Later into the 1970’s, he got connected with the guys at Norman’s Rare Guitars in the San Fernando Valley, and became their main repair and restoration guy. Jim’s abilities continued to expand and soon he had enough experience and reputation that he opened his first repair shop in Reseda, CA in 1980. Since then its been a whirlwind of successes, including being chosen to be displayed among the great California guitar companies such as Fender, Rickenbacker, Mosrite and Charvel in the Museum of California's exhibit The Ultimate Guitar Show and building for artists such as Michael Landau, David Williams, Steve Lukather, Michael Anthony, and Dan Huff. James' design shapes and various ground breaking guitar finishes and most recently his line of pickups have virtually transformed the guitar building industry.

Serial #13078
Neckquartersawn maple
FingerboardIndian rosewood standard '59 shape (.845-.975")
Frets.090" x .055"
Radiuscompound 9.5 -12"
Nut width1 5/8"
Finishaged olympic white with bacon
Pickguardmint, black,mint
TunersHipshot locking
PickupsSSH, JTS5500, JTS5500, Hot Retro
Electronics5 way switch, volume, tone, tone
Weight7.6 lbs
CaseJames Tyler custom hard shell
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