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Canton Custom Jazz"In 2015 I had some serious neck and shoulder issues which curtailed my practice and playing schedule. Fortunately, I owned a Klein ergonomic electric which became my main guitar until my problem was resolved. It got me thinking, though, about whether there were any builders out in the guitar universe who are making first class boutique-style ergonomic guitars. People I trust, almost without exception, pointed me to Rick Canton, who builds his unique and wonderful creations for the likes of Alan Holdsworth and Tim Miller. Thus began my mission. I wanted to have Mr. Canton build an ergonomic guitar to my specs for CR Guitars. I ordered this Custom Jazz Model in 2015 and it has finally arrived! Like everyone, I hate long wait times but I have to say it was well worth it. This is one superb guitar!

"Not only is it an incredibly comfortable guitar to hold, the build and craftsmanship are first class. Light, at 6 lbs, and perfectly balanced sitting or standing, this headless wonder won't tire your shoulders out no matter how long you play..." - Craig

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