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Thomas Rodriguez Jr. Esquire

Thomas Rodriguez Jr. Esquire

Price: $4,500

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Tommy Rodriguez is one very talented builder. Well known in the classical guitar building world, he has recently upped his visibility as a maker of electric guitars. Tommy has deep skills and it really shows in this current offering, the Jr. Esq. This guitar is like an Esquire on steroids or a Junior with a lot of attitude. The workmanship is top notch and the playability is outstanding.

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I want to introduce a new builder to the CR guitars' hand-selected realm of guitars. His name is Tommy Rodriguez and he is one supremely talented builder. Well known in the classical guitar building world, he has recently upped his visibility as a maker of fine electric guitars. Tommy has deep skills, and it shows in this current offering, the Jr. Esq. It's like an Esquire on steroids or a Junior with a whole lot of sonic attitude.  The craftsmanship is top-notch, and the playability is outstanding! So if you are looking for hand-crafted excellence in a classic style guitar, look no further. It's here.

I was introduced to Tommy from my buddy and guitarist extraordinaire Matte Henderson. Here is what Matte has to say about Tommy:

My late longtime compadre and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Dylan (and countless others during his tenure as a first call session player in LA) guitarist Jack Sherman contacted me in the spring of 2019 to ask me if I was familiar with the work of a builder in Virginia named Tommy Rodriguez. 'Of course!' I answered, telling Jack of Kenny Fischer's deep admiration for Tommy's work. Jack's response? 'Great, because I just ordered a guitar from him.'

Before his untimely death, Jack received three guitars from Tommy. To quote him on his first finished order: 'Tommy builds a guitar where the internal notes of a chord will present themselves to you, during live performance, as if each string was run through a separate amplifier recorded in separate rooms.' High and well earned praise from a lifer. Tommy's guitars are often constructed from salvaged pianos and furniture and crafted in completely analogue fashion. No CAD, no shortcuts, just withering scrutiny and flawless execution.

"If you're looking for the ultimate expression of Leo's pre CBS aesthetic, look no further."

If you'd like to find out more about this item, just call or e-mail me. It would be my pleasure to talk to you about it.

Thomas Rodriguez has been building custom guitars for 35 years. Tom is a self-taught luthier with ideas based on experiences from repairing old instruments and determining what worked and what didn't. He builds both electric and classical acoustic guitars, and over the past two decades Tom has made some of the best concert quality classical guitars using his own unique bracing and designs. Rodriguez Guitars is a true custom shop where everything is done by hand in his Staunton, Virginia workshop, from design and wood milling to finished guitar. Rodriguez guitars are built using traditional hand tools and woodworking machinery, and Tom never uses CNC or CAD designs. Tom likes to sit down at the drafting table, draw out the design and build the same way many classic guitars of the past were done.

Year built2019
BodySpanish cedar
Neckmaple with maple fingerboard
Nut width1 5/8"
Neck profilevery soft V to C, 8.6"- 9.7"
TunersGotoh vintage
Finishnitrocellulose TV yellow
PickupsLindy Fralin P90
Pickguardsingle ply black
BridgeMojo Axe intonated wrap-around
Controlsvolume & tone, with oil-filled tone capacitor
Weight7.5 lbs
CaseTKL hard shell
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