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Gustavsson Futuremaster

Gustavsson Futuremaster

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This is one peerless guitar. The sound isn’t just outstanding, it’s fantastic! It’s warm, articulate, soulful; deep at its core. Also, it maintains a perfect balance between warmth and articulation, and a has a very individual voice. It amy be THE perfect guitar for someone who loves both bolt-on and set-neck guitars. The Futuremaster is nothing short of its own, beautiful thing.

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While Johan Gustavsson may be best known for his Bluesmaster model, the Futuremaster is a similarly splendid guitar.

A little back story on the Futuremaster.

Johan worked with guitar wizard Matte Henderson on this design, which began with the idea of taking the goodness of vintage Korina wood “V” and “Explorer” style guitars from the late ‘50s and redistributing those weight and key design elements into his Bluesmaster body style. Johan’s goal was to retain the sonic quality and beauty of those vintage instruments. but in a much more usable, and ergonomic “format.”

After building a number of prototypes, the Futuremaster emerged. It has a solid korina body and neck, and a rosewood fingerboard. That’s it. Just three pieces of fine wood. Exquisite. The Futuremaster is almost zen-like in the aim to reduce any object to the fewest possible, yet perfectly executed elements. In short, absolute simplicity, all dedicated to creating beautiful music.

The neck tenon and body heel joint were patterned after the ’58 Flying V and Explorer models, with a tenon that reaches deeply into the body of the guitar.

This is one peerless guitar. The sound isn’t just outstanding, It’s fantastic - warm, articulate, soulful. Very deep at its core. Yet it maintains a perfect balance between warmth and articulation, and a has a very individual voice. It has a great, throaty sound when plugged into a Carr Mercury with just a touch of reverb. The Futuremaster may be the perfect guitar for someone who loves both bolt-on and set-neck guitars. Under no circumstances should you take that to mean it’s neither one nor the other. The Futuremaster is nothing short of its own, beautiful, singular thing.

The neck is perfect too. It’s a full C Gustavsson carve that feels like you are playing a mint ’59 burst set neck, but carved on the day when all the stars were in perfect alignment. Much as we’d love to believe it, not every ’59 burst has a neck to die for. This Futuremaster does. The controls, volume, volume and master tone, are all in line and easily reachable, and I love the toggle switch position at the tip of the pickguard; the placement is very practical, making pickup switching a real joy.

You could do anything with this Futuremaster. (I know. I’ve tried.). Bring this one guitar to a gig or session and you’ve really got about every possible style covered.. It’s an inspiring, music-making thing of wonder.

If you'd like to find out more about this item, just call or e-mail me. It would be my pleasure to talk to you about it.

It's probably fair to say that there have been few builders who’ve made as deep an impact on the contemporary guitar world as quickly as Johan Gustavsson. He’s taken the ’59 burst to a level that you likely haven’t experienced from any other builder. Johan's first exposure to a fine guitar was via his teacher, Robert Larsson, who had (as Johan puts it) “an old beaten up 1960 Les Paul Standard.” It was then he realized just what a great guitar could be. The experience continued when Johan got a part time job at one of the few places importing vintage guitars to Sweden from the U.S. (fifties Gibson Les Paul Goldtops, Juniors, pre-CBS Strats, Teles and Jazzmasters, etc). The exposure to that level of guitar and to that many great instruments had a great influence on his work as a guitar maker. Again – the quality of those guitars showed the possibilities inherent in the instrument. Johan has always been more attracted to the Gibson style of making guitars (with carved maple tops and glued in necks), and this is reflected in his most famous, and current model, the Bluesmaster Custom 59. A Gustavsson guitar is a Gustavsson guitar. His shop consists of Johan and an able assistant who was trained at the London Guild Hall University (and is a wonderful guitarist). That’s both good and bad news. The good news is that Johan’s genius is evident in every guitar he creates. The bad news is that since he makes them all himself, there are never many available. It’s a rare treat to play one. Simply superb.

Neckwhite limba (korina)
FretboardBrazilian rosewood (with CITES certification)
PickupsThroback SLE 101 MVX LTD, with coil tap
Controls2x volume, master tone
TunersGotoh Kluson
BridgeGustavsson wraptail
Finishvintage yellow nitro
Set up.010 - .046
Weight8.4 lbs
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