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The Creek Time Machine

Creek Time Machine Series

The Time Machine we're referring to here is the Creek Time Machine Series, three "new vintage" acoustic guitars that are simply stunning. They are inspired by legenday acoustic guitars, but these are not just vintage replicas. They venture beyond that. They use carefully selected torrefied wood for tops and braces on their CJFG, CSJ, and CJEG models. While torrified woods have been used to build musical instruments for some time, the Creek experts' ability to do it in-house is one reason they felt they could create their Time Machine Series and have the guitars live up to the lofty vision. The necks and fingerboards of these instruments will immediately feel comfortable and familiar to anyone who has had the enviable experience of playing a revered vintage instrument. The Creek Guitars Time Machine Series reflects the immense passion and knowledge accumulated by observing thousands of vintage guitars that have come through Creek's hands.

Creek is a company based in Japan with an emphasis on deep artisanal quality and design. Creek builds the Creek Time Machine Series instruments for those in love with vintage guitars. The Creek designers carefully examine and analyze precise data of classic vintage models. Then they draw accurate blueprints and select only the finest materials. The goal is to build a guitar with the look, feel, and sound of a true vintage classic with modern playability, and make it accessible to as many players as possible. Creek Guitars are light in weight, have accurate neck carves and the resonance and sonority of authentic vintage guitars.

I have said many times before that we live in a golden age of lutherie. For proof, look no further than these splendid new Creek acoustic guitars from Japan. When I first played these guitars, I wasn't prepared for how wonderful they were. And I'm not the only one; every pro that has had an opportunity to play one in the shop has been equally impressed. Even luthiers who have seen them have been impressed. Inspired by the legendary classic fretted instruments of the '40s and '50s, Creek has created some of the finest vintage style guitars I've ever played – without the stratospheric prices. They are light in weight, beautifully finished, and artfully aged by Japan's finest luthiers. The sound is pure and authentic. So much care, attention, and passion have gone into building Creek's lineup of guitars, and it shows in the final result. They're essentially Brand New Vintage Guitars that will inspire the music within you. - Craig of CR Guitars

You can view the Creek Time Machine Series guitars here --> Creek Guitars

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