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An Introduction To Scott Heatley

Scott Heatley Parisienne

Heatley Guitars was founded in 1997 with a very humble loan and a tiny shop. From the beginning the idea was to build high quality guitars in small numbers and it remains that way to this day. The output is kept limited to ensure the quality stays high. Scott Heatley used his years as a tech, before he started building, to hone his setup and fretwork skills. In the '80s he was the guy you brought your Kramer or Jackson to to get the Floyd Rose setup properly. If you had a bunch of parts you wanted made into a guitar, he was the guy to get it done. Initially, he started building to satisfy his own obsession and need for more guitars. He actually started the Heatley Guitars business so he could have more guitars. It took off faster than he thought and after a few years it turned into a full blown shop with a CNC machine and all the toys. Scott builds guitars because he is obsessed with them and loves to build them. It is his art and his passion.

"The specs are a guideline for your build. I use information you give me to tailor the guitar to the sound you want. This includes wood selection and pickup choice. Every guitar becomes its own unique piece and a work of art through collaboration between you and I. The process can be a lot of fun and very rewarding. In the end the goal is to build a vibrant instrument that gives you joy and satisfaction for years to come." - Scott Heatley

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