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"I have long been an admirer of Collings guitars - and have been a dealer for 12 years. It seems as though they up their game every time they make a new instrument. Truth be told, many Collings go through the shop so quickly, they never make it to the web site. Right now, I have three exceptional Collings in the shop. I can’t recommend them highly enough. There are two I 35 LC Vintage instruments. They’re Collings’ take on semi-hollow ES style guitars. They're fabulous to play. And beautiful, with Throback pickups and Bumblebee capacitors, capturing that dry, throaty vintage sound, straight from the box. There’s a wonderful CL (City Limits) Aged Nicky Burst. Its beautiful color is an homage to “Nicky”, a guitar featured in the book “The Beauty of the Burst.” It sets the bar for what a contemporary LP style guitar can be. Check out more detailed POVs on their individuals pages. There’s lots more to read about them." - Craig

View the Collings I35 LC Vintage, Aged Blonde
View the Collings CL Aged Nicky Burst
View the Collings I35LC Vintage Sunburst

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