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A new update from CR Guitars owner Craig Snyder:
It's challenging for me to find instruments that are CR Guitars worthy. I'm so picky - ask anyone who knows me - that sometimes I find it very difficult to replenish the hand-selected inventory that my customers seek from CR Guitars. Eventually though, the search for guitars that fit our hand-selected standard pays off.

What does "hand-selected" mean to us here at CR Guitars? Well, as many of you surely know we don't just sell stock guitar models. Sure, we often carry items from a guitar builder's standard lineup, but we're very involved with the thing that matters most - the details. That parlour guitar with soundhole inlays from an extra special batch of abalone, or that Strat style instrument with an extra oomph in the tone or a one-off archtop that utilizes a brilliant deviation from the standard wood compliment and plays with startling ease - that's what our customers have come to know they will find here, and it's what we mean by "hand-selected." It's what makes CR Guitars such a great place to shop for guitars and it's what makes us unique.

So, below is a preview of some of the exciting instruments that will be posted shortly on the site. I think you'll find an array of wonderful, superb and expertly outfitted guitars here; there's surely something that will get your guitar juices flowing!

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