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TLL Marvin"It's always exciting for me to discover new builders - artisans who have perfecting their craft for years. They may be a bit under the radar (at least to me) and then all of a sudden pop up into my world. Tobias of TLL guitar is one of those guys. I came across his guitars through Facebook; and from the moment I saw them I just knew I had to track him down. Situated in Stockholm Sweden - home of my dear friend and builder Johan Gustavsson - Tobias has been crafting his guitars for many European guitarists. His guitars are well thought out, their designs inspired by the clean lines of Scandinavian furniture and Art Deco designs.

"Now for the guitar itself. The Marvin is an exquisitely made instrument with careful attention paid to all the things I find important in a well-made bespoke guitar. The fit and finish, the binding and inlay work are all top notch. The fret work is up there with all the fine builders represented at CR Guitars. I personally like TLL's 3 on a side headstock, which quite honestly can sometimes be a bit awkward on a bolt on neck design. But Tobias's headstock design makes great sense and is quite appealing..." - Craig

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