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Probett Rocket 59"As a guitar shop owner and player, I bring a lot of history to discovering and bringing new instruments to offer at CR Guitars. While there are many fine builders out there, I'm always on the lookout for new makers that excite and inspire me. It's not easy. I was spoiled at a young age. My father was a professional musician and owned a guitar store. The guitarist in my father's band, Don Alterman, owned a newly minted D'Angelico NY Special. That incredible instrument was, in fact, the very first guitar I ever played. I've never forgotten that guitar. It imprinted in my mind and soul what an otherworldly guitar could and should be. Here I was, not even past my first decade of life, and already I couldn't get guitars out of my head.

"I try to bring all of that history and experience as working musician to the instruments I offer here at CR Guitars. That's why I was so pleased to be introduced to Damian Probett. Damian is a serious builder from Great Britain, with a sterling reputation. I had heard about Probett for years but until now I've never had one in my hands. They're rare and delightful. After playing this Probett Rocket '59 for a week, I'm incredibly pleased to introduce you to Damian and his fine instruments. Damian Probett, welcome to CR Guitars!..." - Craig

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