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Gustavsson close up

A rare set of Gustavssons came through CR Guitars recently and we wanted to take this opportunity to give you a look at these wonderful guitars. Like many luthiers, Johan Gustavsson can only produce a certain number of guitars a year and with sky high demand it is indeed a special day when one Gustavsson, let alone a set of four arrives at our doorstep. They've all been sold, but for those of you who like to torture yourselves with what could have been (and what could be in the future if you contact us) here's a great spead of luxurious photos to drool over. SWEET DREAMS!

This recent group included three guitars, a Dotmaster, a Bluesmaster-S, a Fullerblaster and a Bluesmaster. The Dotmaster had an exquisite looking, head-turning top. The Bluesmaster-S was a darkburtst beauty with 2 volumes and 2 tones (normally there's only one of each). The Fullerblaster was an exquisite heart-melting gold example. Lastly we had a straight up Bluesmaster with what Johan referred to as a "museum quality" maple top. The Bluesmaster, by the way was an especially rare surprise - it was the first one to emerge from Johan's shop in a couple of years.

The Dotmaster Limited uses the same construction and design features as the Bluesmaster-S, with a white limba back and sides with western maple top and a mahogany neck. The select bound rosewood fingerboard features dot inlays

Johan's objective with the Bluesmaster-S was to add some air around the notes. He has maintained the familiar Bluesmaster '59 perimeter while radically altering the construction, utilizing a solid center block with a carved top and back. The semi comes standard with mahogany back, sides and a carved eastern maple top.

Johan loves the simplicity of the original Teles, yet he had no interest in simply branding an "also ran" model with the JG logo. For the Fullerblaster he has kept the familiar Bluesmaster silhouette, while incorporating the 6 in line headstock and bolt-on one piece maple neck found in the original design.

Johan began design work on the Bluesmaster in 1993. He finalized all specs with the Bluesmaster '59 prototype, which was completed 2001, merging features of two of his favorite solid body guitars. The Bluesmaster comes standard with a .5" carved Maple top, 1.75" mahogany back and neck and a bound rosewood fingerboard with celluloid inlays. Gustavsson offers this model with either a solid or chambered back. It can be ordered with either P90s or Humbuckers.

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