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Lentz video thumbnail

Lentz in Daphne Blue - a color come to life

Our current featured video features the Lentz JR Reserve S in Daphne Blue. The accuracy and perfection of the finish work on this guitar is a metaphor for everything the Lentz team does. Those that have experienced Lentz guitars know that you just expect a Lentz to feel, play and sound like the ideal S style guitar, and sometimes it is easy to take that for granted and forget that when one of their wonderful instruments is in your hands, you are feeling and hearing the result of nearly 70 years of impassioned searching for what makes these particular guitars tick.

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Cornish Anniversary Edition pedals

Cornish Anniversary Edition Pedals!

To celebrate the completion of 40 successful years (1976 - 2016) as an independent designer and builder of high quality stage systems Pete Cornish™ is offering, for a limited period, special Anniversary Editions of the Deluxe OC-1, P-1, P-2, G-2 and SS-2. These Anniversary Edition pedals will be hand signed by Pete Cornish and will come complete with a numbered and dated certificate of authenticity, unique Anniversary Serial number and can personalized with the purchasers name.

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Guitars on Parade

CR Guitars Speaks Preowned

Looking for a discount on an incredible, hand-selected guitar? Look no further than our PREOWNED SECTION. We currently have a number of instruments, all in excellent condition, ranging from solid bodies to semi-hollow to acoustic. We are as selective when it comes to our preowned offerings as we are with new guitars so you can shop with complete confidence. There is a special preowned gem waiting for you!

Daniel Slaman Sisterhood Series

An Introduction To Daniel Slaman

Luthier Daniel Slaman has reached a rarified place of mastery, and his exquisite instruments are unique in the world in that they capture not just the essence of the original archtop guitars, but also the promise of the design itself. We are excited to have crossed paths with Daniel Slaman at this stage in his career, and proud to offer his instruments through CR Guitars...

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Park Top Mount

Park Amps, Now at CR Guitars

Good things happen! And Park Amps is one of those good things. We couldn't be more pleased to announce that Park Amps can now be obtained at CR Guitars. Many of you know that Park amps were a classic back in their day. And now, thanks to the recognition that a good idea can be good again, they are being re-created in all their glory as new amp builds with the same old spark as before. That's right, Park amps are newly manufactured guitar amps that faithfully recreate the sound, feel and look of some of the best British made amps from the 1960s and 1970s. The first available amps use the traditional 45 and 50 circuits that have been made classic on so many of the best blues and rock recordings from the 1960s through the present. The man behind Park is Mitch Colby who had a 30 year relationship with two of the most iconic British amp companies. Make no mistake, these amps are re-created faithfully, down to the hard-to-find NOS parts and tried and true tube circuits. That's the only way Mitch Colby would have it. Thanks Mitch!

Manzer Metheny Signature

Manzer Metheny Signature Comes To CR Guitars

CR Guitars is honored to be chosen as the USA dealer for the Manzer-Metheny Signature 6 Limited Edition model guitar. These guitars reach to the very depths of our concept of hand selected. Out of the limited stock of 30 guitars, Linda Manzer will personally chose special examples specifically for CR Guitars. We've said it before but it bears repeating - what a great time to be alive!

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Johan Gustavsson Guitars

Gustavssons That Graced Our Shop

A rare set of Gustavssons came through CR Guitars recently and we wanted to take this opportunity to give you a look at these wonderful guitars. Like many luthiers, Johan Gustavsson can only produce a certain number of guitars a year and with sky high demand it is indeed a special day when one Gustavsson, let alone a set of four arrives at our doorstep. They've all been sold, but for those of you who like to torture yourselves with what could have been (and what could be in the future if you contact us) here's a great spead of luxurious photos to drool over. SWEET DREAMS!

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acoustic guitars

Acoustics, Hand Selected for You

We here at CR Guitars have done quite a lot of research on our selection of acoustic guitars. They're a rare cross section of instruments hand selected to appeal to a very special breed of guitar buyers - our customers. You see, we don't just select great acoustic guitars - there are plenty of those. We select exceptional acoustic guitars that have characteristics that will make them particularly noteworthy, not only for an acoustic player but for the electric musician. From specific neck shapes and body styles to incredible playability, we look for the acoustics that will knock an electrics player's socks off. A quick glance at our lineup should be pretty convincing - we carry, now or in the future, acoustics by: Collings, George Lowden, Raymond Kraut, Jason Kostal, Michi Matsuda, Joe Veillette and of course the oh-so-flexible Blackbirds. So take a look. We think you'll be surprised.

Featured Items:

PRS McCarty 594 w/ Artist Package


Kevin Pederson Custom Koa Drea Armani


Rick Turner Model One Koa Top


James Tyler SE HD Spalted Maple Top


Waterloo WL-K


Ribbecke Monterey 17 Preowned


Thorn Artisan LTD Single Cut, Preowned 2015


LsL Rosewood Neck Saticoy, Preowned 2013


Thorn Grantura Preowned 2014 Brazilian


Collings Waterloo 14LTR


Thorn SoCal, Preowned 2013


Marc Beneteau Super Jumbo, Preowned


Collings CL Custom Standard Aged Goldtop


Collings D2H BaaaA Brazilian, Preowned 2005


Lentz T Style Reserve Hyde Park - Preowned 2013


PRS Private Stock Archtop II with Piezo


Blackbird Rider Nylon String PTV


Carr Impala Custom Slub & Slate Grey


Lowden S35 WA/RC 2015

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